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Precision Fixtures & Gages

Precision fixtures is where Baker got our start. We have a reputation for precision, quality and performance in providing jigs, fixtures, gages, dies, custom automation equipment and precision machining. We consistently achieve tolerances of +/-0.0001 inch in guaranteeing quality and success. That precision comes through experience. Experience gained over many projects, many customers, and a wide variety of applications –

Assembly | Fixture Build | Start to Finish | Journeyman Tool Builders

  • Assembly & Bond jigs
  • Layup & Mill fixtures
  • Detail fixtures
  • CMM fixtures
  • Prototype fixtures
  • Production fixtures
  • Precision inspection gages

That experience also rests in our people and equipment. At Baker, we achieve precision through state-of-the-art equipment, vibration isolated floors, environmental controls, experienced engineers, tool makers and precision machinists – all of which represent our unparalleled commitment to excellence.

We’re able to deliver excellence in Tooling by seamlessly integrating our in-house capabilities: 

  • Design & Engineering
  • Machining
  • Fabrication
  • 3D Printing – Plastics & Metals
  • Inspection & Validation
Hybrid fixture