Baker Industries | Case Studies | ABS vs 6061 Aluminum

Traditional Machining vs. 3D Printing

Lighter, Faster, Accurate

Cut down the pounds

The Baker 3D Solutions test check fixture acheived a weight saving of almost 90% compared to 6061 Aluminum.

Use less, Save more

3D printing uses only the material it needs, resulting in 70% savings in material costs.

Timing is everything

3D printers save time by eliminating multiple set ups and tool changes. The Baker 3D Solutions test fixture was 3D printed in a little over half the time over a 5-axis machine.


Baker 3D Solutions can print with an accuracy of +/- 0.005″, and inspect with the lastest scanning technologies.

90% Weight Savings

  • Weight (Lbs.)
Run Time ABS 30 6061 ALUM
Material N/A 3 Days
Machining / Printing 2 Days 3.5 Days
Stress Relieve N/A 3 Days
Benchmarking 0.5 Days 1 Day
Quality Check 1 Day 1 Day
Total Time 3.5 Days 11.5 Days
abs vs alum laser check comparison

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