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Large scale 3d printing

The Baker organization complements Lincoln Electric’s automation portfolio and its new metal additive manufacturing service business. Leveraging Lincoln Electric’s core competencies in automation, software development and metallurgy, the new metal additive business will manufacture large-scale printed metal parts, prototypes and tooling for industrial and aerospace customers. The Baker operation, along with a new Cleveland, Ohio-based additive manufacturing development center, will provide an additive manufacturing platform to help customers improve their lead times, designs and quality in their operations

Commercial Considerations

Reduce Turn-Around Time

Reduce prototype and part lead times from 

months to weeks, especially compared to castings / forgings

Expand Design Freedom

Reduce weight and mix multiple materials

Produce Functional Prototypes

Quickly test actual use in real environments

Reduce Inventory Costs

Print on demand and eliminate supply chain bottlenecks

Part Consolidation

Drive down the number of parts to assemble

Reduce Manufacturing Operations

Fewer operations, fewer handoffs

Reduce Material Waste

Use less material compared to subtractive processes

Physical Considerations


Address low alloy steels, stainless steel and nickel alloys while maintaining necessary material properties


Open new possibilities – Large format metal additive parts are measured in feet or meters, not mere inches


Tackle part geometries too complex for traditional casting or machining 


Optimal projects for large format metal additive include complex and sizable tooling, replacement parts, low volume production parts and functional prototypes.