Mold Technology

Baker Mold Technologies


At Baker, our advantage in mold development and build begins with Design. This came out of our experience in building high-precision tooling.

Part design is never sacrificed to fit a simple one-size-fits-all mold build concept. We deliver excellence in mold design and build by seamlessly integrating our in-house capabilities:
  • Design & Engineering
  • Machining
  • 3D Printing – Plastics & Metals
  • Inspection, Validation, Try-outs
Our relationship with technology centers specializing in Injection Molding allows us to provide:
  • Prototype & Low-volume Production Molds
  • Bridge Tooling
  • Production Injection Molds
  • New Technology Molds

Prototype & Low-Volume Injection Molds

  • Design Validation / Feasibility
  • Fit / Functional Testing
  • Process Testing / Risk assessment
  • Material Development Trials
  • Silicon Molds

Bridge Tooling

  • Achieve market launch targets while production tooling is finalized to latest changes

Production Injection Molds

  • Aluminum and P-20 Hardened Steel Molds
  • Conformal Cooling Molds Using 3D Printed Inserts

New Technology Molds

  • Vario-Therm to Eliminate Paint for Class-A Surfaces
  • High Pressure Water
  • Metallic Mold-in-color
  • Low Gloss / High Gloss / Dual Gloss Mold-in-color
  • Chrome Via Plasma
  • MuCell and Foaming Agents
  • Lightweight / Thin Wall / Sink Elimination
  • Compression & Injection Combined