Industry Partners

As a manufacturing leader in serving OEM and Tier-1 customers, Baker Industries is committed to taking full advantage of traditional and new technologies that provide our customers a competitive edge. The investments we’re making in 3D printing, for example, reflect not only our commitment to the technology, but also our vision that additive manufacturing is key to offering our customers features and services intended to be used in conjunction with other manufacturing technologies. Our goal is to share what we’ve learned with every customer, to help utilize the right technology for the situation.
  • Assembly tools, fixtures, & jigs
  • Injection molds
  • Class-A surfaces
  • Structural plastic components
  • Metal to plastic conversion
  • Rapid 3D printed prototypes
  • Lightweight 3D printed parts
  • Validation assemblies
  • Try-out prototypes
  • Design verification components
Baker Industries - Manufacturing partner for aerospace, automotive, appliance, energy, & medical OEM / Tier 1 customers
Insert Baker into your innovation supply chain and watch innovation soar. We’ve helped aerospace companies extend the life of their tools. We’ve helped Tier-1 suppliers hit inconceivable timelines. Consider co-locating your development team to Baker: it’s an example of the partnership we extend to all our customers, and the commitment we build into every project.

We are perfectly suited to support customer large and small in industries where our low-volume focus and pride in craftsmanship are value-added to your development, manufacturing and assembly processes.