Baker Industries | Medical Technology | Tooling, Molds, Prototypes


Medical device and equipment OEMs and manufacturers appreciate our precision in craftsmanship, tight tolerance tools and fixtures, and perfection in appearance learned by serving Aerospace OEMs. Our low-volume focus is well-suited to Medical equipment manufacturing

Applying our assembly know-how to medical applications, we’re able to assist with:

  • Class-A surfaces
  • Structural plastic components
  • Metal-to-Plastic conversion
  • Flexible assembly tooling
  • Injection molds
  • 3D printed parts, tools and mold inserts
  • Large-scale products such as cabinetry, housings, shelving, and more.

Our relationship with technology centers specializing in Injection Molding allows us to provide:

  • Prototype & Low-volume Production Molds
  • Bridge Tooling
  • Production Injection Molds
  • New Technology Molds
  • Try-out components
  • Low-volume injection molded components
  • Hybrid metal/plastic components